Buy vivo Y33s With Desired Value For Money


With the launch of the Google Android handset Gingerbread, the mobile industry has once again reaped the benefits of the new OS. There are plenty of handsets on the market that run on the older Gingerbread platform, but the makers of the new gadget have introduced the latest operating system – Android. If you are looking for a smartphone that has everything that is new under the sun, the Vivo Y33s is the one to go for. vivo y33s

Features and performances The Vivo Y33s features a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, which makes it one of the biggest smartphone available in the Indian markets today. The phone has a built-in camera that comes along with many amazing imaging features, such as image stabilization, low light recording, panorama, video recording and slow motion record. There is also a neat feature called Dual Shot, where the user can take a single picture and get an automatic image of two images. The handset also features a fast charging system and offers users a large memory storage space that offers a lot of flexibility.

Design The body of the Vivo Y 33s is made from metallic silver, giving it a classy look. The phone has a smooth back plate and soft textured white Motorola skin that match the entire look of the phone. Under the front screen you will find a volume button, data button, camera button and a power button. On the rear, there is a glossy black rubber home button, and beneath it is an expandable memory card, USB charger and SIM card reader. Users can get the Vivo Y33s from any mobile phone shop or retailer in India. The prices of this handset start from around 5500 INR and go higher to over ten thousand INR.

Performance Although the handset is manufactured by a major player in the Indian mobile phone market, it is priced reasonably and offers features that are pretty impressive for an entry level smartphone. The phone comes with an attractive physical design that looks like a futuristic blackberry. It comes with an enhanced version of Android operating system that offers great flexibility to the user. There are several customizable features like themes, ring tones and wallpaper that can be added to the phone after purchase. The camera itself is a pretty decent offering with decent camera functions and image quality.

Web browsing, streaming media and entertainment are fast and simple on the Vivo Y 33s. It comes with various web browsers like the Google Chrome, Yahoo Firefox and Opera. A decent camera with good picture quality is complimented by an 8 mega-pixel camera sensor that ensures high picture quality even in low light situations. Apart from the camera, the phone comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner, a QWERTY keyboard and a large screen that make it very appealing. Other than the keypad, the phone has a decent amount of memory capacity, which further helps in increasing the longevity of the handset.

Value for Money Since the device is manufactured by a reputed company, one can expect a lot of value for money when one decides to buy via y33s. The price of the product seems to be a steal as it comes at just INR 6.9 hundred and nine hundred. It is one of the first handsets that are certified by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) in India. It is also one of the first smartphones that work with U2F mobile network that supports VoIP technology.

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